Need money for college! Considering Opening a Donation Drive by ReidoRaichu

so i Know that a lota people are doing donation drives at the moment and i realize that this isnt a good time to possibly open my own....but i am also short on cash for university. mainly gas funds and i font want to keep relying on my parents for that. They already payed for my semester.

So beforre i consider opening one. i wan to get feedback from you all.

I want to make the drive fun and enjoyable for all and make the goals reasonable.

The theme is: Make a skinny Raichu fat. Basically I made Reido Skinny just so we could fatten him up in a new way

My set goal is $500 but if it goes further than that i may think of some fun stretch goals.

and of course the bids would be pay what you want.

so let me know in the comments what you think. if i get enough positive feedback i'll start the drive pretty soon. If not. I'll wait a week or so to let the current drives die down before doing my own.

Thank you for your cooperation!

This is Reido Ikazuchi Signing off

Need money for college! Considering Opening a Donation Drive


31 August 2015 at 09:54:14 MDT

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