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Upload schedule should be regular again. (Update) by ForkTailedFox

Dunno how many people really care or even really read journals, but I figure I'd as mine as well write up a little journal here anyways, since I believe it's better to stay in communication with a small audience than just assume either not enough people care, or whatever.

Anyways, philosophy aside, here's the deal.

I'm still open for commissions, even though my upcoming fall semester starts Wednesday. (Link to Commission Info )

I upload regularly to Furaffinity, Weasyl, and Deviantart, and try to keep everything I post consistant between all three sites, barring I will not post porn stuff on my Deviantart. (I don't draw much of it anyways really, but It's still worth mentioning) so if you're not into that I guess Deviantart is the best place to follow me. Also, Despite my Weasyl and Deviantart names both being ForkTailedFox, generally my fandom signature/artist-name is still SketchyGenet. ALSO

I post drawings immediately to twitter after I'm finished drawing them, so if instead of waiting for me to upload on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays, if you'd like a less consistent source of my art, my twitter's totally there, I do twitter stuff and talk about conventions I'm going to and am generally a flirt.

To summarize, here's all my shit, if you wanna do stuff with it, go for it, otherwise keep doin'.

Sketchy, out.~

Twitter -

Furaffinity -

Deviantart -

Weasyl -

Upload schedule should be regular again. (Update)


30 August 2015 at 20:25:52 MDT

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    Although an old journal, I figure this'd be the most appropriate place to give you a heads up about PostyBirb -- it'll help ya bulk upload to multiple sites simultaneously!

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      Honestly the way I do it is pretty painless, but thanks!