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I feel like I've been stuck on what to do for it for awhile, but I really want to keep it up. Especially with Vakkour.
I feel like most of the worldbuilding I've done with it was all while I was in school. I was always spacing out or drawing or thinking of things for it, now I feel too occupied by other things, trying to do something when I could be spacing out and trying to worldbuild.
I have a ton of stuff on Vakkour and schizoids figured out, but it feels like there's so much more I need to do with it. Like figuring out the individual cities, the names for some of the major caves, think of more species and try to figure out the fungi to keep it more consistent when I try to draw it.

It used to feel like a natural thing for me, but when I try to do anything with it, I can't think of anything unless its something really small.
maybe I should do more anatomy stuff with the species I have figured out and go from there..
or do stuff with one of my other planets

Stuff with worldbuilding


29 August 2015 at 03:56:07 MDT

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