I liiiiive! by Kai

Well, I figured it's about time I updated my Weasyl. I have big news!

After a very busy couple of weeks, some great times, and some minor disasters, my big move of the summer is complete. I am now located in Calgary! Myself, my lovely husbird, and one of my best friends have taken up residence in an awesome house in Calgary's southwest quadrant. And it's a whole house! No more cruddy basement suite! We are all very pleased about that :D

Of course, the move posed some issues with my current fursuit commissions, but I have it all in hand and taken care of. Completed costumes are at their new homes already, and items I have here will be finished and sent out via registered mail or courier. Additionally, I have a new system you can use to keep an eye on my commission progress. Following others' examples, I decided to try out Trello -- and it's awesome! Click here to see my current projects :D

Next thing on my list is to get my new fursuit work space up and running. We have an entire (unfinished) basement in this place, and that's where I'll be setting up shop. It's a big space, and I'm rather excited about it! Plus, I will no longer have to commute between my house and my workspace, which will definitely save me a ton of time.

For more fursuit-related stuff, visit my costume account: OceanWolf

I liiiiive!


28 August 2015 at 12:43:50 MDT

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