UPDATE :D by OceanWolf

I liiiive!

And I have a couple of exciting new updates. Firstly, the big move is complete. Goodbye Vancouver -- Ocean Wolf costumes is now located in Calgary, Alberta! It was a big step to take, and not an easy one. But I think this is a good decision, both for regular life and for my costume business to continue. Vancouver was just too expensive to get a good start. Although I now hear rumblings about Calgary being in an economic downturn, I'm still optimistic that it will provide a better base of operations than what I've been used to.

Secondly, I have a new system for the commission queue. I've opened up a Trello account! You can now go here and see exactly where I am in my project list: Click here for my current projects and it's complete with organization, extra details, and PICTURES! :D

That's all for now. My next task is to set up my new work space so I can continue to get projects done. So far, I have the bare minimum unpacked, and one work table. I'm going to need more tables and shelves in there to really get settled in, but with no vehicle, and hardly any money left from moving, that will have to wait. Still, it's an exciting thing to have a properly-sized work space, just steps away from where I live! No more busing all over town to get a few hours of work in.

Expect a few more submissions to pop up in the coming week! :D



28 August 2015 at 12:23:39 MDT

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