The Birthday Approacheth! by farorenightclaw

Hey everyone. It's that time of year! Every year people complain at me that they wanted to get me something or draw me something but didn't have enough warning to do so. So I am trying to warn! My birthday is September 7!

Now, by no means do I expect anyone to get me ANYTHING, but if you really must do so, here's a list of things I'd like:

The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You by S Bear Bergman
Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg
Dinotopia novel series books (not James Gurney's original illustrated books, I have all of those), any
Animorphs novel series books, any
The Silmarillion
Andrew Loomis books (yes, I know you can get them free online, but I like print copies)
The World Of The Dark Crystal
The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths Volume 1 and/or 2
The Goblins of Labyrinth by Brian Froud
Legends of the Dark Crystal Volume 1: The Garthim Wars
Legends of the Dark Crystal Volume 2: Trial By Fire
The Art of Wendy Froud
Good Faeries/Bad Faeries by Brian Fround and Terri Windling
Any Wendy or Brian Froud books really
Creating A Faerie Figure With Wendy Froud (DVD)
Any X-Men or Deadpool comics Level Up! subscription
The Dark Crystal (DVD)
Labyrinth (DVD)
Ladyhawke (DVD)
Alien Box Set (DVDs)
Alice in Wonderland books (already have the original two)
Invader Zim (DVDs)
Fruits Basket (DVD)
Fruits Basket (manga)

Anything Queen Chrysalis themed (MLP)
Taxidermy pieces (pelts, skulls, mounts, etc)
Dinosaur stuff
Windstone Editions pieces (already have 2 Male Dragons, 1 Hatching Dragon, 1 Tuxdeo Bird Winged Flapcat, 1 Coiled Dragon; looks for Dragons in Peacock particularly but happy for anything else!)
Plushes (especially ocean-themed ones [no otters], Pokemon, dinosaurs, crocodiles, tigers, MLP)
Miniatures like dollhouse furniture and decorations
Xenomorph/Alien stuff
Alice In Wonderland stuff

Copic Markers, especially greys and browns
Bristol Board
Canvas or canvas board
Watercolors (pan or tube both fine)
Travel watercolor kit with waterbrush
Mat board
Mat board cutter
Tape, decorate or otherwise
Wood boxes etc for painting
Portable/desktop easel
Water cup with brush cleaning grill/grate
Large portable Copics/markers case
Large portable art kit case or bag
Acrylic medium
Sealant for acrylic or colored pencil pieces
Professional quality colored pencils (Prismacolor or other)
High quality pencil sharpener
8 million kneaded rubber erasers

Anything of my characters, especially with CassioBunny's characters or Hailbop's characters
Please no NSFW art without asking first
Never any NSFW art other than solo or with Cassio or Hale's characters
My character refs can be found here, please don't draw any that are marked 'retired': (may need to be logged in to view adult references)
Cassio's characters can be found in her gallery: CassioBunny
Hale's characters:

Again, by no means do I expect for any of this to be bought or drawn. It's just a (large and varied, because options are good) reference for those who might want to do so! Can't say I didn't warn ya!


The Birthday Approacheth!


24 August 2015 at 08:35:21 MDT

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    I can't help but think of the Dethklok opus "Birthday Dethday," partly because I listened to it on my drive home today.

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    Happy almost-birthday!

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    The fruits basket series is beautifully amazing <3

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      I knooooow. I'm showing it to Cassio for her first viewing, this is my 6th or 7th. I still cry at the end every time.

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        ahhh right????? if you have hulu it's on there for streaming <3

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    "Taxidermy pieces".... With my Dad's help I've been collecting skulls for quite some time. The skull I currently have... curing? Almost clean, whatever the term is, but it's not in a shippable condition. To get it out of the ground my Dad had to break it to get it out of the ground. It needs one last disinfectant after sitting clean in the sun all this last winter, spring, and summer but every time I go to check on him parts of him keep falling off, sadlly, I think because whatever it was was so young when it died. I do have teeth though! A whole mouthful of teeth! Would you be interested in a mystery creatures [we're not sure if it's a cyote or a racoon or even possibly a domesticated dog] teeth? I can make them into jewelry or just send you a little vile of teeth, if you're interested! If not I plan on drawing you a little something and have something to send you so I need a physical address!

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      Oh, a vial of teeth would be really cool! I'll note you my address. Thank you so much!