Job Stuff and Art Stuff. by VinVulpis

So, the job isn't bad. But I do have some concerns that I dun wanna do this stuff as much as I expected. This week they actually only gave me 4 nights, and honestly, that's awesome. If they can just give me 4 nights most weeks, it'd be ideal. I'm gonna talk to my manager about it and see about making this the norm.

If not, I have another option I can ask them about. It's apparently easy to switch over to daylight hours. I'd loose the night-differential, but if the hours are more flexible, I'm going to strongly consider it.

A couple nights ago, the workload was heavy and I felt pressured by my supervisor to push myself. The ending result was pushing myself to exhaustion in paranoia and I slept for literally for 12 hours the morning after and woke up super sore and stiff. Luckily the following night was easy.

My buddy from out of state is gone, so I have time to myself again. I wanna give the job a couple more weeks of normal conditions before I fully make a decision to switch over.

The pending car concerns are an issue that would make me wanna switch to days as well, since biking would be 40 mins each way, on top of 8 hours of pretty demanding work... I'll be tired all the time. Not good for da art stuffs c_c

I sorta got into a somewhat decent groove with the job so far though. Enough to let myself go on 'auto-pilot' and brainstorm stuff about my art and concepts while listening to my musics. Thought up a few good ideas while working two nights ago.

Again, I don't think it's a bad job really. I'm just thinking it might not be the best for my lifestyle and wanting to focus on my art, commissions and project. I have a 5 night stretch starting tonight, so this'll be a test on that.

Either way, I should be able to pick at a bunch of art and commissions and such now that I have some of my free time back.

We shall see how things go!

Job Stuff and Art Stuff.


20 August 2015 at 08:14:44 MDT

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    Do you have weekends off or something? Is that the only time(s) you can do arting?

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      Inconsistent nights off, but it's only gonna be two a week.Hard to plan around. I can do art on work days before/after but it's tough with a tiring job. I really have just come to the realization that overnights just don't fit my lifestyle anymore.

      I'm probably gonna look into morning/early afternoon work and leave my evenings nad nights open for art, which is usually when I have to most motivation and inspiration to do art. This job doesn't help with that really.

      If I just transfer to daylights, I can easily get lesser hours, so that might be an option.

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        Ah okay, gotcha. I take it your boss is willing to be flexible? Well that's good. I remeber back when I was working at Wal*Mart, my supervisor wasn't willing to negotiate to change my schedule around.

        Oh yeah and, good luck with your car, too!

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          Well, no, they aren't very flexible because it's a full-time position... and overnight, which I've realized isn't good for my art progression... so I'm looking elsewhere for work. It's not exactly a bad job. My lifestyle and focus just doesn't work for this sort of thing anymore. I got out of overnights 9 months ago... and starting it again has got me hurtin. x_x

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            Alright then. Pardon me for misunderstanding.