Writing Commissions Now Open! by thequeenofmars

So it's finally come to that time where I feel confident enough in my work to offer writing commissions. Since this will be my first time actually doing this, I'm going to be only doing a small number of slots to begin with. I'm gonna be offering these at a slightly lower price as I test the waters of commissions. For this batch, ignore the price listed in my ToS. Instead, the price will be 1/2 cent per word for this batch!

For now, I'll only be opening three slots. These'll be first come first serve. To grab a slot, please fill out the form here. Submitted forms are collected and timestamped automatically, so the first three in the list will be who I go with. I'll try to close the form as soon as I hit three, but it's entirely possible more might slip through before I close it. If that's the case I'll contact everyone that submitted so they know where they stand! If you end up not being one of the first three, I can put you on a waiting list for the next time I open if you want me to!

Please be sure to read through my Terms of Service so you're aware of everything. I think most answers to any questions you'd have will be in there.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me at pennamemars@gmail.com :)


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Writing Commissions Now Open!


20 August 2015 at 01:40:28 MDT

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