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After a long off-season, it's time to get ready for hockey again! The FHL Season 5 draft is scheduled to begin Friday, August 21st, at noon! So GMs, make sure to follow the rules, so everything runs smoothly. Best of luck to the managers and players!

REMEMBER! If you are NOT going to be available to participate on the draft days, you need to send a "Draft Priority List" via FA note to FHL Furaffinity account! This way, we can be sure to draft the players you are looking for!

Round 1 - Friday, August 21st (12pm - 8pm, EST)
Round 2 - Saturday, August 22nd (12pm - 8pm EST)
Round 3 - Sunday, August 23rd (12pm - 8pm EST)
Round 4 - Monday, August 24th (12pm - 8pm)
Round 5 - Tuesday, August 25th (12pm - 8pm

For full rules and guidelines, see below!


Here you'll be able to find:

--The full draft lineup for Rounds 1-5, along with the time slot for each pick.

--The full ranking of Offencemen, Defencemen, and Goalies for all the draft prospects, ranked by last season's stats.

--A full player list for the prospects, with all the info on each player


*Beginning at noon on the draft day, each GM will have 30 minutes in which to make a selection.

*Selections can be made by FA note, or via Skype message to any commissioner. If you need any information on how to contact us, please ask!

*Once a team selects a player, the next team is automatically on the clock. The original deadline for each pick, however, remains the same. This should give GMs more time to weigh their options.

*If you MISS the deadline for your pick, that pick will begin to drop, as other GMs make their selections. You can still make a selection, but the later you do, the further down in the draft order you'll slide.

*If you have sent a draft priority list, and miss your pick, then a selection will be made for you.

*To follow the schedule, make sure to keep the Draft Document open! It will be updated live, throughout the draft, so you can follow along!

*GMs are responsible for understanding what is expected during the draft! Make sure if you have ANY questions, to ask us. We are happy to help you out!

Season 5 Draft Important Info!


19 August 2015 at 19:01:27 MDT

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