Cheap Emergency Commissions by Arionn

Okay i’m in great need of money for my rent, college and food! ;A; i don’t want to bore you with my story so i will just get to the bottom of this.

I am offering very cheap commissions, Here is some of art i’m proud of:

Full coloured examples

I will be offering however cheap lineart and flats

These are examples of some stuff i kept around, all of these were cropped and resized.

Examples - sketches/flats

linearts (those above are sketches) - £1

Flats - £5

I can also offer full coloured commission shown above, they are usually very big.

Full coloured - £10

These are just examples i have available at this moment, I will draw anything, no backgrounds.

If you’d like to ask me anything, or commission me email me on, or contact me here on tumblr or on my deviant art -> here

If you like my art, or would like to commission me or don’t have the money please help me out and reblog c: please, that would help me

Cheap Emergency Commissions


15 August 2015 at 12:58:25 MDT

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