Drawing Tablet Recomendations? by PunkMeerkat

I have never worked with digital art befor and I want to start saving up for a drawing tablet. I looked on a few Sites and there is a large selection of tablets for different types of artists I guess? I just would like a few pointers so i can know what stuff i should be getting.

Preferences: (if neccicary):
I would like to work with a stylus
I do mostly cartoon art

Drawing Tablet Recomendations?


12 August 2015 at 17:45:31 MDT

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    I'm a wacom user and would definitely recommend them!

    My graphire3 from 2005 is still kicking- I only had to upgrade to an intuos4 because the graphire3 was incompatible with my college laptop. I treat both fairly well and haven't had any problems with them.

    Way back when I started working with tablets it took me a while to get used to looking at the screen instead of the paper. I find the small/medium sizes work well for me because they're easier to travel with and my penmanship is very tight/compact.

    If you're just starting out I would suggest getting a cheaper model (or maybe even better yet see if you can borrow/rent one). If you really fall in love with it, you can always save for a better one and keep the first as a travel tablet. ;)

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      Thank you for the info! i was looking at a small one on amazon, but i have no clue what would be compatable with me. At me moment im working with a kindle fire (thanks to my mum) but i really want an upgrade.

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        No problem at all c:

        Perhaps it's best to jump right in then? Amazon is good for seeing reviews so you can gather lots of other opinions before making the final plunge.

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          Thank you! And how much would a basic one cost? like, how much should i expect to pay so i dont get overcharged?

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            Oh hmm I haven't checked prices in a while. I /think/ I spent $400 on my medium sized intuos4 but that was the middle-tiered model.

            This is just a guestimate but no more than $200 usd?

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    Do not willingly buy anything by Huion, some people have gotten them to work but there are many more people who can't and have gotten scammed, including me. I couldn't get it to work at all on my Comp and when I sent it back I never got my refund :(