First Night on the Job Tomorrow Night and Art Plans by VinVulpis

I just got out of orientation and my job officially starts tomorrow night at 11pm. I'm actually gonna be making more money than I expected and time-and-a-half for the weekend, which is neat. I'll be saving some great money.

So, will all of that said. I'll still of course be doing art stuffs, and adjusting my sleep pattern this this overnight stuff shouldn't be too difficult since it's not to far off from what I've been doing currently. Largely because I've done overnight jobs for years, so I'm just used to it, and it seems nighttime is when I tend to get the most art done anyway.

On most of my work nights, I'll likely be sleeping in the morning and gettin up in the afternoon. Do art stuffs in the evening and go to work at night. I'll have every Wednesday night off (by my request), so that'll be a major art night for me each week.

As far as commissions go. I'll still be working on my current queue but from this point on, additional commissions will be taken on a much more limited and selective basis. Quite honestly, I might even work out deals to go cheaper now if I really like the idea, or get to draw my critters into the pieces. Since I'm starting this job, and the money's good, I'm really not all that concerned with commission money anymore. I can just have more fun with my art. It's not to say that I don't have fun with all of my art, but more often I'd fine myself tryin to force inspiration and sometimes I'd not be happy with piece, at least in my eyes.

But yeah, if I still owe ya stuff, I'm still workin in it!

As much as I would love to make commissions and my art and game project my living, now's just not my time, and that's okay. I had a pretty good run, all things considered. Even with my smaller watcher base, which I really am happy to see has dramatically increased over the 9 months I did this. I grew a lot over the time I gave the commission living a shot, and I have a lot of you to thank for the support that got me as far as I did.

I might return to it sometime in the future, but for now, I'd like to take this new job and save up a ton for probably a couple of years. I'd like to get myself a new PC and a nice graphics tablet. I would love to start producing all sorts of silly animations that I've had lots of great an funny ideas for, but not the efficient hardware to make the workflow easier and more streamlined.

I also wanna use a lot of my free time now to focus on my game project and get more work out and playable. I've REALLY had the itch to work a lot on my game, all the ideas I have and the work to still be done.

Overall, I'm feeling really good. I'm looking forward to the rest of this year.

As a side note, I probably won't be going to Furpocolypes this year. Half of my usual crew can't go for other obligations, so I'm probably gonna hang back and just end up doing something else with them that weekend. Besides, I'm just startin this job and I dun wanna push asking for time off until I've made a good name for myself here.

Well, I'm half asleep while typing this journal up... so I'm just gonna wrap things up here and take a snooze. Only got a couple of hours of sleep before the orientation thing today, and I woke up with an upset tummy. Been eattin too much junk lately. That's stopping real fast too. x__x

Snoozeface and then some artface later tonight.

Thanks again everyone! I hope I can continue to make you folks happy with my silly art and game stuff. :3

Jeibu's 'Duck Walk' Vidya.

First Night on the Job Tomorrow Night and Art Plans


10 August 2015 at 13:12:25 MDT

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    Sounds great. How's your first night? How busy was it, and how much free time do you get on your shift?