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What the shit, Florida?! by EasternWind

At first I was aggravated. My school's servers are absolutely ass and are taking their time in distributing financial aid. Payment is due the 13th.

I visit the campus I will be going to for classes to see where the rooms are so i can just go there instead of flailing about on the first day. I had also wanted to be a part of any LGBT clubs there. Unfortunately the lady who i was looking for wasn't there but someone else was very helpful. She printed out forms I would need for a name change and I asked about the court fee price. She looked.

400 fucking dollars. What the fucking CHRIST Florida?? That's not even including the paperwork cost. What the fuck?

It wouldn't even be that bad if my work was willing to meet me halfway. I don't expect them to pay but I would at least have my name not be some forbidden utterance. A guy was chastised by my boss for using it over the intercom. Really? Fucking really?

What the shit, Florida?!


10 August 2015 at 11:15:43 MDT

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    (I know I'm super late on this, but...) 400 dollars, holy cow. D: Maybe you can look into fee waivers? I'm not sure what the qualifications are, though.