Updating my gallery by AndriasSch

Some months ago I decided to remove all my art from fA. I'm only using it now for the commissions made by others and gifts.

So, I'll be uploading a bunch of the ones I removed from there, Weasyl seems like a better place for it.
I'll disable most of the notifications, don't want to spam anyone.

Have a nice day!

Updating my gallery


7 August 2015 at 11:16:54 MDT

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    I'll be glad to see you and your art here! :D

    I was thinking of you when I was shelving "Saga" volume 4 the other day. :)

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      Yay! Me too, lately I haven't seen much artwork but I like being able to see your art around here.

      Aww c: I haven't been able to read those since they don't have comic book stores where I live at. Thanks for thinking of me!

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        I look forward to seeing more of what you've been drawing lately! :D

        I've been lucky, the reference librarian that orders fiction books and stuff also happens to be a fan of graphic novels and she loves "Saga", so she orders the volumes when they get released. The artist on the comic, Fiona Staples, got nominated for a Harvey award and an Eisner award (both big comic industry awards) this year, for her work on "Saga". :)

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    Awesome, looking forward to seeing more stuff!

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      Thank you! looking forward to seeing your art too!

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        Well, it's all commissions and writing for me unless I finally stop being lazy and get better at visual arts, but I hope you enjoy them either way x3