News! Mostly the good kind! (Health related/Pregnancy stuff) by Lilyface

So I'm officially in the third trimester of pregnancy (29 weeks yaay) and the baby is healthy, energetic, growing well, and has already flipped head down so ALL GOOD SIGNS PHEW. I'm officially negative for gestational diabetes and waiting to hear back about a few other tests which are checking for genetic problems I might have that could lead to complications during or after delivery.

Although there are some concerns about my heart- I was made to wear a 48hr monitor- my results came back fine as of this morning. The maternal specialist yesterday did notice I have a bit of an irregular heartbeat, but the cardiologist I was sent to isn't worried so it's likely they'll just keep an eye on my heart rate for any funny business during delivery. So overall, HOORAY I have high hopes everything will go well! Y-you know, barring any Really Bad News cropping up from test results. Which I doubt will happen.

SO YEAH I've been running around from Dr's office to Dr's office the past couple weeks, and trying to get everything ready for the baby shower (which is in like a week lol), AND contending with pregnancy shenans like fatigue, achiness, and insomnia/restless sleep.

Overall, I've been attempting to take it easy
and it's driving me CRAZY!

I miss drawing! I miss painting! I have had zero time to myself really that isn't overridden by being too tired to do much of anything. I tried reading a book when I got back from having blood drawn yesterday and managed to get a whole page in before needing to lay down because sitting was too uncomfortable. And then needing to get up and walk around because laying down was uncomfortable.

BUT OVERALL the important thing is my health (so people keep telling me anyways) and I'm doing well which is good. I just wanted to keep you nerds in the loop as to what's been up and why I haven't really been reach-able these past couple weeks, as well as letcha know I'm doing okay and everything's going well.

Even if it is hectic as fuck haha.

News! Mostly the good kind! (Health related/Pregnancy stuff)


7 August 2015 at 10:33:23 MDT

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    Hey! Nice to hear you're doing well, and that everything's ok.

    Also you're the nerd

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      Thank you haha

      AND NO, U R

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        I can 100% attest that y'all are both nerds. And dorks.

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          All three of you are nerds.
          And I am king nerd.

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            Let's play "throw the tiny sorceress" >8V

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    Good to hear you're doing well! \o/

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      Thank you, that's my thoughts as well! I'm exhausted but knowing that there's nothing potentially catastrophic awaiting makes it worth it.

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    Firstly, I'm happy to hear everything is going well! Second, mega kudos to you! Pregnancy is seriously the hardest thing I have ever done and unfortunately the worst is still to come. BUT - the little nerdling you get out of the deal is pretty freaking awesome. Having a little one (not sure of the gender of yours, or if it's a surprise!) that is a part of you is so amazing. And seeing them learn and grow and change is so so sooooo worth it :3 and my little man is only 2&1/2! im excited for you! Good luck!!! Things can get super hard, and confusing, if you ever need another mommy to talk to you are more than welcome to hit me up :3

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    Good to hear the news! I'm predicting this now: best nerd family of 2015. :D

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    Glad to hear things are doing alright in your end! Exhaustion is to be expected, but pregnancy (And the child that follows) is one of those things were you can just be omega proud once accomplished!

    Lilyface and Lilface. It will be adorbs.

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      paraphrasing: Even though Cam and I are excited and can't wait to be parents, it's still gonna be immensely stressful with a newborn- just hoping it's a different kind of stressful than what we're dealing w/right now haha

      Thanks man! :D If the bab is as cute as I'm predicting I'm gonna have to put a "no touching" sign on their carrier lmao