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Deep Sigh YCH Raffle Winners!! by fuwacat

furaffinity:7 Domo-Jules
sofurry: no one entered :/
so I substituted the 2nd winner from dA (TurkFish)
weasyl:2 JoopJoopSMASH
deviantArt:2 NixieLupus
furrific: no one entered :/
so I substituted the 2nd winner from fa (hardthoughts)

I ran a second tier (one from dA & one from fa) to determine a "winner" for sofurry and furrific, which didn't get any entries.

If you were randomized into a chibi slot, congrats!!

Also, please leave a comment below with the outfit you would like your character portrayed in.

To those who didn't catch a spot this time: I'll be doing these every so often, so better luck next time :33

I hope you're all doing well!!

Deep Sigh YCH Raffle Winners!!


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    OH NOES! I just saw this! I hope it's not too late! >///< Either outfit from the ref sheet I sent you is perfect, your choice :3

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      You're fine X33 I figured you might have been offline so I didn't pester
      I'll work on yours tomorrow :33

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        Awww yaay! :3 thanks! Yeah, I've been off and on lately - the Dosh and I getting ready to move. But yeah! Woohoo! I can't wait to see it! :D

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          Moving is busy work, best of luck with it

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            Thanks! It'll be nice to unpack and relax.
            I JUST SAW IT ON TUMBLR. ^-^ Awww I love it Fuwa! Thank you again. :3 <3

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              You're welcome X33 glad you like it!!