Question About Art Tablets & Job Update by VinVulpis

So, with the job thing finally in motion & the prospect that I should be working by next week. I've got a few things on my mind with my art and hardware.

I'd really like to begin saving for a good drawing computer tablet because up to now, I've just been using a little Wacom Bamboo tablet.

This thing:

I'd like to get a proper piece of hardware that's good for art and animation work. I was hoping to get some recommendations for a good computer tablet. I've really wanted to expand my animation work into lots of other fun things, but I've generally had a hard time with work flow using this little wacom bamboo thing.

It's also one reason why I don't do more purely digital art. I can draw 2 or 3 times faster in traditional medium that I can in digital form. It's partly why I do almost all of my art in a traditional medium and that do some digital painting and color over it. (The other reason being that I do still love doing traditional work in general).

Solely drawing on a tablet is frustrating to me. I have a hard time being precise and end up constantly redrawing the same sections on a piece. The best I can do is sketch digitally, and even that I do a whole lot faster traditionally. I feel like being able to draw directly on the screen wold really help me with being more efficient at my digital work and would really making doing all sorts of goofy animations way quicker and more fun since I'll be working more smoothly.

So with that being said, I wanna start saving up and maybe in a few months get a good art tablet. What's a good one? And well, what cheap but still functional. For now I'm just gonna wanna get a lower end one that still works well and later on when I got my savings back up high, I'll splurge on a really good one.

I'm mostly looking for recommendations for a starting piece.

As a side note, I was partly thinking to rigging up some sort of light-table set up for me to do some simple, traditional animations for practice and such.

Question About Art Tablets & Job Update


4 August 2015 at 15:30:15 MDT

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    I'd say go all out and get something nice and top of the line the first change you get. Maybe not right away since you wanna build up a buffer with a couple weeks pay but something you'll be glad to have once you can afford it among bills.