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So, it's now less than a week before I move on to doing just writing for work. I have my Patreon set up and waiting to be launched, I have written a blog entry about all of this over on my own site here: www.cawdordesigns.com , and I am nervous as all hell about how all of this will go. We we fine on money? Yes, of course... That is not a concern at all at this point. Is there some household drama? A ton. Am I nervous no one will subscribe to Patreon or commission me? Extremely. A lot of stuff is new and foreign for me; I haven't been unemployed in six years. I don't know how to really do it to be honest... I know how to work, and how to make money, and how to come home. I know how to write too, but those two things have always been mutually exclusive. Me combining them... I'm terrified I'm going to screw something up, or alienate people, or something else to that effect. I am just nervous is what it boils down to, and really there is nothing else that I can say about it.

But! I am going through with it. I will be poking at people I owe here in the coming weeks, to make sure what I have down is what you want me to do. I will do my best to get ahold of everyone, but if for some reasons you don't hear from me and I owe you something, LET ME KNOW! I keep a pretty comprehensive list of stuff, but I will always make mistakes. That is just part of the program, so if I screw up... Tell me. Don't just be mad at me; that goes nowhere. I want to fix my mistakes and be called out for them, not brush them under a rug. So... Yeah, please, if you don't hear from me by... Say, next month, let me know!

Going forward too, I will be updating that writing schedule thing religiously again, as I fell off months ago and never got back on. I will also have a schedule nailed down for writing... Probably four solid days a week, with a few days of rest smattered in between them. So yeah, I will hammer all that stuff down to a T later so that people can ask for streams, and know when I am around to talk, or just want to be left alone to get some fatty porn done. I will still work on my own projects too... Have a Patreon exclusive I am going to be working on here. So yeah.

Basically, I'm nervous as fuck but I will pull through. Hope you all keep supporting me and being awesome <333

T-Minus One Week


2 August 2015 at 20:52:01 MDT

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