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Fox F#@%$ Fantastic Four. by Danaume

So Fox 'We took the sky' Studios has decided to make Johnny Storm black.

Their writers claim that this is because most these comics were written before the civil rights movement, so there needs to be more black heroes. Okay. I can live with that. But why make Susan Storm white? Why make her adopted? Was two black stars too much for super hero movies? Does the thought of Reed Richards kissing a black woman, 47 years after Kirk kissed Uhura, too much for Fox?

And if they are doing this to give positive role models to black children, which is a good thing, why make it the hot headed, violent tempered idiotic monkey of the Fantastic 4? Why not make the super scientist Reed Richards black? Wouldn't that be a better role model choice that doesn't force some weird adoption angle?

So Fox... I applaud your 'attempt', but seriously. Think this shit through.

Fox F#@%$ Fantastic Four.


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    Maybe someday we'll get the "static shock" movie we're all waiting for.

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      That would be awesome. I loved that cartoon.

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        then fox picks up the license and makes him white to appeal to a larger audience