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~~~ Monthly Raffle #6! Funded by Patreon! ~~~ [late post] by Fuzzle-Buttz

I'm pretty late posting up this journal this month and I've been a whole bunch less organised than I was hoping this month.
I'm even planning on extending the July Overhaul to August as well~

The Raffle winner will be decided with a random number generator and will win a full colour/shaded drawing in whatever theme the winner wants~

To enter in the Raffle you must be a supporter of my Patreon page for $1 or more for a Raffle ticket each month. As the amount of pledges I receive increases, so will the rewards from the raffle.

On the fifth of July all of the current supporters will be given a number and the winner decided with a random number generator who will then be noted by me to let you know you have won and to get details for what you want.

The next Raffle will be posted in a journal at about the 15th of each month and the next winners decided on the fifth of each month.

But remember; pledging $10 per month will give a thank-you sketch every month regardless of the raffle winnings and a $20 pledge will get you a monthly coloured drawing~ <3

Find me on Patreon at

~~~ Monthly Raffle #6! Funded by Patreon! ~~~ [late post]


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