I Went to Pizza Hut by Nemo

It was pretty good

I Went to Pizza Hut


19 February 2013 at 14:12:35 MST

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    You know you want more Geoffry

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    Okay, I'll try this game... How 'bout getting this gal nice and big? [https://www.weasyl.com/character/3547] I was wondering how you could work in that bigness in an adventure game or D&D type way ("failed" rolls or wrong choices, stuff like that). Not too many reference those types of games and those are the kind she really digs, so tha's a win-win! Or if that's too much, having 'er full of cheesecake or crab legs works too~

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    Hey Nemo. I've been meaning to talk to you again on skype or through Zeny, but I figure I'll just ask this here. How much do you know about the tabletop RPG "Toon"? Zeny mentioned to me the other day that you might have played it before and it looks like a super cute game. Have you played it? How is it?

    And for the hell of it, request ideas!

    My ghost character (https://www.weasyl.com/character/7987) doing some tabletop RPG shenanigans or any other super nerdy thing. Feel free to crossover with your other characters if you feel like it. Also, don't worry about reading all that text, TLDR, he's a undead depressed supernerd/otaku/brony etc. Parodies are also the best if you don't feel like nerding it up.


    George Washington on a snowboard. EXTREEEEEEEEEEME.

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      Hit me up on AIM, I can answer all questions because I am an IRL oracle.

      Also I look forward to the opportunity to write unimaginably nerdy dialogue.

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        Oh, uhhh... I don't have AIM, only Steam/Skype, sorry about that. How about those instead?

        And wow, I just threw that in for shits and giggles, I appreciate the eventual drawing! Thank you sir! :D

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          Whatev, Skype will do well enough. My names are in my profile.

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    Your choice! If you'd like to draw either Baltimore or Morene doing something trivial in an exciting manner.