Looking for a new tablet (Help?) by StrangelyIndecisive

No worries my old one is still functioning it's not that kind of looking for a new tablet post. Just time for a new one. So Right now I have a wacom > This one here

Someone highly suggested I take a look at monoprice tablets, which for the price and the reviews SOUND amazing. But there pens look so chunky and take batteries?

Then I found the Huion version which corrected a few things, the pens look better but STILL BATTERIES. I guess I feel a little outdated...as a wacom user we got ride of that shit function a long time ago. -hugs my current pen-

So Any suggestions? What tablets to you use? Any suggestions?
I'm trying to lean away from going wacom again as not they keep putting in all of this touch crap? manly to add up the price of everything ><

[b]Things I'm looking for[/b]
Detectable wires
Flip pens ( if the company has them for sale that also works)
Doesn't have to have hot keys.

Looking for a new tablet (Help?)


26 July 2015 at 12:15:37 MDT

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