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It's not well worded out because I typed fast do to feels but
I wanted to make a post about artists that attack people and think it's ok to hurt people for their own hurt feelings. At times I imagine a reality is warranted but I've seen some messed up bizz on art sites
so here's a copy paste... I don't mind discussing it because it's not explained well but
here it is:

It worries me that popular artists viciously attack smaller artists and then steal their designs to sell.

It worries me that those same artists recruit other popular artists that they basically got their characters and other stuff from making a borderline carbon copy

but it’s ok, they’re friends.

It worries me that they manage to take those some artists and turn them on people

I don’t know how they do it because it’s some crazy bizz to watch

But they do it

I’ve seen some crazy business of how popular artists will attack people and get people to turn on eachother and that’s too much power for someone who’s…

All over the place I guess is the best explanation.

It’s scary to watch

I’ve watched it for years on deviantart



Some of my favorite artists are some of the most vicious people to others who don’t warrant it. And it’s usually taking out personal problems on other artists after they allegedly “stole” their art or were “inspired” therefore stealing. It’s one of many reasons I’ve learned not idolize someone because you can pick up a persons bad traits by thinking something they do is ok.

I’m glad I’ve learned not to

but I’m also not a big nor acknowledged artist

Artist rant


25 July 2015 at 11:32:16 MDT

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    o.o What did ya mean" attack smaller artists and then steal their designs to sell" e_e; Cause that sounds super scary lol

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      Years on deviantart and I've seen an artist attack other artists for smaller details in character design that are just a general trait, and at times I've also seen those artists take an idea from those smaller artists and use it in their art.

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    yeah some peeps have to be really careful on what they say and those who don't can just cause on shit storm : I ..i hope you never have to get stuck with that

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      same here, it's hard to watch because it just doesn't seem all that necessary.

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    couple of names popped into my head just reading this :(

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    Ooh. I know a lot of names that fit the bill. :|
    But yeah, it's pretty annoying. I think I've seen bits of it myself. Best thing to do is stay quiet and out of the way.
    Voicing out the truth will get you duped. The irony.

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      I've seen bits
      I've white knighted unfortunately when I was waaaaaay younger,
      and just... it's all bad. and it gets ugly fast.