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I got shrunk! Well.. in a dream :D by Arcturax

So on the MUCK I run (alfandria muck) I've been running a Sci-fi themed roleplay with darkvulpine2 darkvulpine2, Blackfang (universalblue on FA) and Alden (not on either :P).

Anyway, the dream was set in the world of this sci-fi RP. In it, I split up from the other three people for a time because I had to go pay off an old debt. So while they took a little vacation on a resort world I dropped them off on, I went to find this guy I owed money to. When I found him, he had laid a trap for me, he was upset Jabba the Hut style and decided he wanted more personal payback instead of taking my money. He lured me into a room with a hidden shrink ray and used it to shrink me down to about three inches tall. He then put me in a cage shaped like one of those old style street lamps from the 1800's and took me to a marketplace to try to sell me as a toy or a pet.

After getting several offers, one person finally offered what he considered enough money. This person had a six foot long alien lizard type creature as a pet. It had two tongues... one which slid from its upper pallete which was forked and used to scent the air like a snake, making it like a scaly bloodhound who could track prey. The lower tongue was long and sticky (of course!). He wanted me as food for his pet. He planned to release me into an area and then set his lizard loose to hunt me down for his sporting pleasure and the lizards desire for a fluttery batty meal in its stomach c.c

During the negotiations the lizard poked its muzzle at my cage and even flicked the forked "scent" tongue over me a few times, which was slimy and warm. The lizard was clearly hungry already! When the lizard pulled back for a bit, I pulled out a lockpicking tool I had hidden in my clothes and started on the lock, I managed to spring it and quickly flee while everyone was distracted. However the lizard quickly noticed and was upon me quickly. I flew out of my cage and barely avoided its snapping jaws, its leash holding it back just enough that it missed me. I managed to twist away just about a quarter second before its long sticky tongue passed millimeters from me as well. I flew off into the market place and the guy let the lizard loose after me while my captor also pursued as well. My captor kept firing a stun ray at me so I was forced to go low, landing on ground among the many many feet walking the marketplace. I was nearly squished unnoticed many times as I fled. But the lizard soon picked up my scent and forced me into the air again as it came charging through the crowd. I managed to escape into a ventilation system and had to avoid being burned when I almost went into the heating chamber at one point. I would slip out from time to time looking for a way out of this place but either my captor or the lizard would be waiting for me every time. Finally however the people who owned the market got upset at the disruption and some damage to the place during all this. They arrested my captor and coaxed me out and returned me to normal size. They then shrunk him and put him on sale instead to cover the damaged to the market place.

On my way out, I passed the man with the lizard. He was upset about paying for me and not getting me. I pointed out to him that technically my former captor owed him that money and that he was now for sale instead. The lizard man left with his lizard in tow, eagar to get there and settle the bill :D

After that I needed some downtime of my own, so I went back to the resort world and the others in my group found me laying on my back on a hill in the countryside away from any city lights, looking up at one of the most amazing starscapes I've ever seen in a dream. Woke up shortly after that. Very fun dream that I wouldn't mind having again and the second dream about being tiny I've had in two weeks. The other dream? Well I'm keeping that one private c.c

I got shrunk! Well.. in a dream :D


23 July 2015 at 05:07:02 MDT

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