Facebook Killed a bear by BJ Buttons

posted this on facebook
" A long time ago , well 6 years (2009) is a long time in internet years, I created a Facebook Page using my Internet and furry name BJ Buttons. There is 6 years of FB history and quite a bit more non FB history of BJ Buttons out there. BJ also exists on many other on line sites such has FA, DA, Twitter, Live Journal AOL, ICQ, You Tube, Flickr, Picasa, Vineo, Justin TV till it was shut down, and many other minor sites. BJ has outlasted many of the sites. BJ has his own e-mail address on the mail servers one domain even is named BJButtons.com. I use BJ Buttons on G mail Hotmail/MSNmail/outlook or what ever Microsoft decides to name it next. There is a Wiki fur article about BJB, and BJB is pictured in the main Wikipidia article about furry. There is no question where BJ exists or not there is 10 plus years of history of him I found furry in 98 and BJB was created in 99. Most of the furry community and a lot outside of the community know me as BJ Buttons. There is 17 years of on line history behind the name. BUT Now Facebook has decided BJB is fake, and since they do not allow fake names on the site forced changed my name. BTW I dis liked the fact that they needed to see my DL and now has a copy of that in there files. Never mind that they do have users using " fake" names. You can find them everywhere. Everything form other furry using there characters name, to drag performers using there stage names, there are tons of users not using the name on the government issued ID card. It has me upset and angry. I did create a " facebook page" for BJ. that's where this is posted. BUT because its a page not a "person" thre are things I cant do there. Just one example BJ Can not join any groups on Facebook. only a person can do that. I am really NOT liking what happend over the last week. essentially KILLING BJ Buttons and then not even listening to what I was saying. Hell using there own words , cut and pasted from e-mail I got from FB :
".....If this is the name you are known by in everyday life...."
BJ Buttons IS the name I am known by in Every day life. Go ask the people that followed me on FB what my name is before the force changed it very few would have known what that name was. BUT that didn't matter to Facebook. I sent copies of s-mail addressed to BJ, magazine labels, a letter form the Czech Republic, it didn't matter because ti was not the name on my DL.
This has left a bad taste in my mouth. I am NOT happy, and I am angry. I am at the point of deleting the Facebook account. its a hard thing to do at this point now, because so much in this world is going thru it now. but I am really NOT LIKING what happened over the last week. And the only real way to "fix" it is to delete it. Commit a Facebook Suicide. That's not a real good fix for the crap that happened, but at the moment appears to be the only way to fix the issue

Facebook Killed a bear

BJ Buttons

11 July 2015 at 15:31:25 MDT

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