Commissions! July 8th, 2015 by Lunostophiles

Hey all you cutie patooties!

So, it's that time again: I have commission slots open! I have a story to write for tyrianfox, and the last vestiges of one to edit for saiwolf, but otherwise I'm open! I hope you all come with some interesting story ideas, I'm excited to write more.

Here are my rates and stuff again:

For prose, $8/page.
For poetry, $5-$30 depending on length, may be $30+ if you want an exceptionally long poem.
For lyrics for your composition, $15-25 depending on length and content.

I'll write both all-ages and mature things, both porn and non-porn. I am happy to hash out ideas with you, the commissioner, on these topics. I'll still write in my style, and I try to be more evocative than mechanical, but I can do my best if you want hard description on things in stories.

Also, I will write mostly anything, but I don't have any particular interest in writing babyfur things. It's not that I harbour any ill will to you all! I just really don't have any connection to it.

Have a wonderful day!

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Commissions! July 8th, 2015


8 July 2015 at 19:31:28 MDT

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    Well hot dang, I'm down - I've been meaning to get some WG stories lately! I'd love a slot.

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      Aw, super awesome! I'll add you to the list, feel free to Note me or whatever with any specific ideas you might have.