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Just a little "hi!"

I like the new thumbnails on Weasyl! Though I may have to put this on PG rated filter or something, now, because some artists I watch post naughty things and for some reason they seem to have the largest thumbnails now XD I know it is just coincidence. It's kinda funny. XD But yeah, need a sfw mode.

Things are going well here. I am on summer break. Our next con we're attending is Megaplex and I am working hard on their conbook, which should be complete in the next day or so. Also we are hosting a meet on the 11th - yay!

We got a new kitty, her name is Charon (pronounced like "Karen") after Pluto's moon. She is a cute tuxedo marked baby who is super affectionate. We though she was only 6 months old but looking at her paperwork she might be older and just really really tiny? Or the shelter got her age wrong on her intake form!

Once I'm caught up on Megaplex stuff I'll be working on a faun costume for myself. I bought digi legs but need to make the hooves stil and add some extra things to my new furry pants. :P And then of course come up with the human-ish side of the costume! Thrift stores are my friend there. :) I wanna incorporate feathers and leaves and other nature-y goodies. I'm looking forward to working on it but my priority for the moment is catching up with my Megaplex projects!

And that's about it. Hope everyone else out there is doing ok. :)

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7 July 2015 at 10:50:40 MDT

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