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Hi by Skee

I messed up and pretty much forgot about this account totally for a long long time

I really don't know if flooding it with submissions to bring it up to date with FA is a good idea (is there even a bulk uploader???)

What should I do to fix it?



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    Well, you could post a few images a day (like maybe five at most per day) until you're caught up; that might be the best way to go about it to where you're not just flooding people's inboxes, and so that you're not stuck in one place for hours on end. :)

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    If you have Chrome:

    How to use. Go to FA page for each image you want to upload and click on the weasyl icon in the URL bar.

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      I don't have Chrome, no firefox version?

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          Thats a shame, I don't have chrome because it doesn't work on my machine, just inputs random nonsense into every textbox it can

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            Mmmmmmmmnnn. Then I'd recommend only uploading an image a day, if that, to catch up, or ONLY new things. :(

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    You should bake cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. Then set them out for your followers to partake. Sample your skills, as it were.

    Wait, is that an analogy for "just toss it all at us and let us have fun with it"?

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    You should upload everything with earfins.

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    A few a day would be pretty cool -- a full-on art dump I wouldn't mind, however I often end up nuking my subs folder after one to make sure I don't get overwhelmed when checking my submissions notifications.