Crazy Dream by Threetails

I had a freaky dream a few hours ago during an afternoon nap.

I dreamed I was living in a large but rather bare newer house that Kobi and I had just moved into. Every time I would look out the window, menacing black clouds would gather and bot out the view, or something that looked like a pyroclastic flow would come rushing toward the window. But when I looked away, it was gone and it started over again when I looked out the window, like an infinite loop. Each time it played the earth would rumble menacingly and a sound like thunder could be heard growing ominously.

Kobi didn't see it at all.

It's not often that I have a dream that bothers me, but this one left me feeling really uncomfortable for some reason. It reminds me a lot of Pompeii or something, what the people there must have seen out their windows and doors. It's kind of worrying because I do live in a part of the country known for volcanic activity!

Crazy Dream


4 July 2015 at 04:13:26 MDT

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    Dreams can be oddly specific and totally random, this seems to be a good example.

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      Just a bit worrying since I've predicted disasters before in dreams.