Genesis: Weasyl 1 by DMDOKURO

Why hello, everyone who knows me because they enjoy my music and/or otherwise. For those of you who do NOT know who I am, let me give a brief run-through: I am DM DOKURO, some sort of musician that REALLY enjoys creating music, but cannot design or draw worth shit. :D

Now that THAT'S out of the way, I can resume with giving you all some various news regarding my projects, commission information, and remixes.


As you could probably tell from my Facebook, Bandcamp, or Youtube, I'm currently working on a full-length album called "Voyage". This project will consist of tracks inspired by the solar system's planets, and a few planets very far away. Currently, Saturn has been completed, and Neptune is under some good maintenance and composition.


Commissions are currently closed, due to inconvenience with a few projects on and off of the internet, such as a community theater act I'm in. I will let you all know when they are open again.


Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud, I can't stress how much I want to hug you guys right now. The Soundcloud download limit for the "WANDERLUST" remix has almost reached its capacity. And remarkably, that's the first time one of my remixes has EVER been downloaded that much from that site. Once that download caps, I'll post the remix here for all of you, because you all rock out loud. Meanwhile, I have plans for another Renard remix, and possibly a Sanxion7 remix as well (both are undecided, song-wise). I shall keep you informed along the way via Twitter. :D

Genesis: Weasyl 1


18 February 2013 at 16:51:42 MST

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