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Terms of Service for Funeral Attire Fursuits
Last updated: 7/1/2015

I have cats, rats and a dog in the house. While the rats never come in contact with any of my works I cannot keep cat and dog hair/dander off everything. Though everything is cleaned before it's sent out, if you're severely allergic to cats or dogs, you should find someone else to commission. My dog will occasionally be in my workroom with me as she is my service dog and if she needs to work then she will be with me, nothing can be done against this.

I do not accept rush orders or deadlines. This includes shipping on premade items. I cannot always get to the post office because the working hours and the fact that I don't drive. If no payments have been made on a hold item, I secure the right to cancel the hold at anytime!

Items should be paid in full on receipt of the invoice, or by a set deadline which has been explicitly agreed upon. If payment is not received within that amount of time one warning will be given, if still not paid the hold will be cancelled and it will be re-listed.

Buyer pays shipping! I ship via USPS. I do live in the US so shipping internationally can be costly, so keep that in mind! Shipping must be paid in full before the suit can be shipped out. I am not responsible for items lost or damaged durring shipping!

Quotes will be given whenever it says they're open in my description, so look there for that information! If you are sending a quote to just get a price range please say so first thing in your note! If you are planning to actually commission me with said quote please say so in your original note, or in a response note! This just makes things much easier to keep track of on my part. Please title your note "FURSUIT QUOTE".

Paypal is the only payment method I accept normally, payment will be made via invoices. Cash will be accepted (with signed documentation that you paid in cash and the amount you paid) only in person! A 40% nonrefundable down payment is required for partials and heads. Payment plans are accepted, which are decided upon with the customer. Fursuits must be payed off in full before I ship them, shipping will need to be paid before, or upon completion of the suit. Suits that are not paid off by the completion date will not be sent out until payment is received. All work on the suit will be halted if a payment is missed, until the payment is made up. Other parts such as handpaws, footpaws, and tails must be paid in full before they are started.

0% complete - 60% refund
25% complete - 45% refund
50% complete - 20% refund
75% complete - no refund
100% complete - no refund

This refund does NOT include the 40% down payment which was used to buy materials. If a commissioner has been offered a refund and does not provide an outlet for said refund to be given within 30 days of the initial contact about the refund, the refund will be revoked and the commissioner will receive no compensation.

Concept art is required to commission FAF (with the exception of artistic liberty suits) with a front, back, and preferably side view as well. Double side views are required if the character has asymmetrical markings on the face. If you need a reference sheet you can create your own, commission someone else, or commission me.

Minor changes will be allowed for a low cost or free, larger changes, or changes requiring new materials will cost more and extend the time of completion.

FAF suits have a six month warranty in which if anything breaks you may pay for shipping both ways and repairs will be made to the suit. Warranty will be voided if the commissioner has made any alterations or modifications to the suit, or the suit was misused and resulted in the damage. Only certain types of repairs can/will be made, this will be discussed beforehand with the commissioner.

I am not liable for any injuries or damage done to a suiter or bystander while wearing a FAF suit! Keep yourself and others safe!

If you ask for a cancellation on your commission that I deem unreasonable, you will be blacklisted from buying from me again in the future. If you have good reason, I will tell you and you will be allowed to commission me in the future if you wish. Only I have the right to deem a cancellation reasonable or not.

Terms of Service


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