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Summertime Blues by Exindiv

If you know me and interact with me on a regular basis, you might have noticed I'm a bit more angsty/emotional/whiney/whatever recently. Er... Sorry about that. It's something that happens to a greater or lesser degree every summer. I have a summer birthday and it's always been a time for introspection and reflection - which usually ends up turning sour, where I pick at all the things I haven't really "measured up to". I hope you can bear with me. It usually gets better around August. :|
This year I seem to be focusing on my perceived lack of success with my art by a number of different metrics. I'm actually doing pretty okay with my art: I'm seeing improvement in my style and techniques, broadening my media, working in digital and color more, and doing stuff regularly. Unfortunately, I have this little voice in my head pointing out where I could be doing better: better lighting, more expressive features, dynamic poses and compositions, more color, more exposure, more and regular work.
I have project Bun, which I've been slacking on some for the past month, and it's only two months in. I have been open for commissions for eight months and have had not even a nibble.
There's also the local Con coming up, which is always really great. But it's not looking good for them doing a t-shirt contest this year (which makes me kinda sad, but also glad I did it last year as it is something I've wanted to do for years but kept missing). And there's the auction, too. Ugh, I hurt myself real bad with last year's auction and I've just not gotten over it. Donating again this year, but I'm not going to watch - not making that mistake again.
In non-art related stuff, I've just been having trouble sleeping - bad dreams, restlessness, etc.. There's work, with it's own realm of stresses and troubles. And just stuff.
But anywho! Bear with me, as this too will pass. Life is good, even if my mood doesn't reflect it.
And thanks for reading this.

Summertime Blues


30 June 2015 at 20:56:59 MDT

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