I'm Back! by Taelune

I completely forgot about this place for some reason, so I'll be trying to update as best as I can. Until then you can find me at DeviantArt and FurAffinity under the same name!

I also recently cleaned up my Tumblr pages if you want to follow me there....My Tumblr could be rated NSFW though, not so much Adult-only, I just post a lot of mature themed stuff, such as nudity, and adult humor.

taelune.tumblr.com/ <-- Art, this will be sort of my portfolio, a base place for my commission information, and a place to show off the art I get from other people. (Or would it be more professional to make that a separate page as well?)

taelune-hoard.tumblr.com/ < -- Derpiness, spam, random stuff, rants, etc. This is my personal Tumblr.

I am open to asks on each, but please keep the asks on the art one focused, and not so random, requests are okay. Over all I ask that you remain courteous and respectful.

Requests being okay does not mean ask me to draw your OC, or anything like that! It means request me to draw one of my OCs in a situation, give me ideas for inspiration. Stuff like that!

Just a little bit of fun info, Taelune is a Multi-verse character, so she can be requested in pretty much any Universal setting that she'd fit into. (Mostly Anime and Video Game stuff, I'll have fun with this. :3 )

I'm Back!


30 June 2015 at 13:54:37 MDT

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