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Bleu, Rockell, Deathridge...Hi + Question by Wishn

Oh, hi cousins!

Surprise family visit. Had expect my Aunts two to visit for the month but oh they bring my cousins three as well. They are neat family so will be great to see them after such a time having not. :) An they enjoy to hear of my craft work so will be fun to show them what i am do now yes.
...they all expect to stay here I wonder though. I suppose tonight that is a yes.

Lovely bunch of coconuts

Working further on current queue work. Will be to post some soon public. This is good.
My question I ask to you all thought is I have head bases had made both new an older, and (still) fur that is in no use. Once queue is complete would really like to put them out.[b] Thoughts on what to do with them?[/b] Also would like to have some folks can send pics of raw bases to for critique/advice on them. A good sum of them are early works an may not even be worth making use of. Would anyone be willing to give their advice or critique on any of them?

Drawing/Stream attempt

Lastly, will do more drawings from journal ask an randomly from watch at a time this week. Some in pencil some digital, with heat have here lately being around machines is too much. Also may try to do a live stream of some sort. All past ones have been unsuccessful but one was okay. So is hopeful may be fair again if I try. Maybe?

Bleu, Rockell, Deathridge...Hi + Question


30 June 2015 at 12:01:55 MDT

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