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No longer a 2nd class citizen in America by crygus

Yesterday was a very encouraging day. I am thankful and proud to be an American, and to see progress happen again in this country. The Supreme Court ruled that love will conquer all -- gay couples can marry in any state. We no longer have to worry about the patch work system that individual states have placed on themselves -- GAY MARRIAGES ARE RECOGNIZED EVERYWHERE.
Timing couldn't of been better, either. This weekend in the Twin Cities, as well as San Francisco, CA , is the Gay Pride event. There will be a lot of tears of joy at these events. Also, seeing all the support from all these famous landmarks, including ones here in the Twin Cities, has been truly amazing. In my lifetime, we've see so much progress happen. From Stonewall to today: it truly is remarkable.
Humanity can be so stubborn, overly and needlessly conservative. But no more. I am so very , very thankful today.

No longer a 2nd class citizen in America


27 June 2015 at 09:08:13 MDT

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