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The many fragile minds of Vimeo by Mircea

Human stupidity: It's something everyone over a few years of age has come across in their life, in its glorious many shapes and forms. We see it in real life, we see it even more on the internet, and sometimes we might even see it when it comes to large services and websites... where common sense would lead you to believe that reasonable and mature people are running said service. This story is part of the third category in the list.

As you probably know, I make furry animations based on camera tracking. Some of them contain tame vore scenes... tame meaning no sexual components or anything explicit, at least in my book. Many are just jokes or small projects I do for fun... putting aside the fact that vore in general has quite a few sexual connotations. Currently I post them on Youtube, as well as another video sharing site called Vimeo.

Yesterday I got an email from Vimeo, which out of the blue told me that my account has been removed. Reason? I was apparently posting "pornography and sexual content". At first I concluded it's likely trolls who spammed the report button and triggered the automated response system... so as instructed by the email, I sent them a reply. I told staff that I never uploaded any porn on their site, and that I will in any case be more careful about their AUP. After nearly 24 hours, someone replied.

The response I got was surprising: Closing my account was apparently an action taken by an actual person who works for Vimeo, not bots. Some of the staff apparently found out what vore is... which does surprise me considering that people who run large websites pretty much live under a desk, and internet communities like this are typically only met by their members or internet trolls. So needless to say that, like any group of people who lived under a rock and get faced with something new, this bunch assumes that any video showing a character getting eaten is "intended for sexual purposes" and there's a sexual conspiracy behind it.

Now don't get me wrong: I agree that anyone watching an animation about foxes eating people will find it rather weird, and tell you it's something they wouldn't want their boss to catch them watching. The surprising thing here is that one expects a large service in year 2015 to be ran based on clear rules, not on extreme decisions taken over interpretations or things which aren't even actually offensive. Saying that something which doesn't actively imply anything sexual is sexual content, then immediately banning people over it without any prior discussion or warning, is in my book incompetence and stupidity for a service of this scale, and indicates that the website is ran by kids in mommy's basement instead of serious people. I mean excuse me, but there are a ton of vore sequences in cartoons aired on Cartoon Network, and some of my animations aren't any more explicit than that... I'm willing to bet you won't see anyone getting banned for posting these, unless of course it's on copyright grounds.

For now I don't know if they will agree to re-open my account... and to be honest I don't really care, since if anything this is a good riddance. I mostly wanted to let everyone know about this service and to spread the word however: If you don't want to deal with idiots, do not use Vimeo... because that's what the staff there pretty much is. I used to think Youtube was ran by extremists before this... now I realize there is way more stupidity than previously known behind the internet's largest websites.

The many fragile minds of Vimeo


24 June 2015 at 16:46:28 MDT

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