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Welcome to Weasyl. So long FA. by crygus

Everyone, welcome, welcome! I am Crygus. Those of you who haven't met me yet, I've been in the fandom since 2000. I've been furry my whole life. I've had my fursuit since Dec 2007. I've also lived in Silicon Valley (bay area) California my whole life up until October 2014.

Furaffinity helped shaped the fandom. They were the trailblazers were VCL Archive left off. Until recently, I have always stood by and supported them, even through all the constant hiccups in their system. I am incredibly amazed of how much the bottom line has taken hold of the furry fandom's mainstream needs and ability with communicating with others. So many artists owe their livelihood (their means to make ends meet), so many folks owe their happiness to this website. Yet, what have we become as a fandom if IMVU is reshaping the ideas of our community?

This Monday, a bunch of 3rd party porno ads appeared on everyone's websites, whether you were into adult content or not. Now, think about this for a moment. Think about the Zootopia Disney debates. We are talking about furs who hate the fact that furries will be furries, and will probably make Rule 34 art of characters from this wonderful movie from Disney coming out soon. Agree or disagree about whether or not adult art from these characters is okay, adult ads AFFECTED EVERYONE.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Adblock Plus or whatever else applications around could block these ads anyway. Well, consider this: IMVU has bought this website, and they are in control. This means they worry about the bottom line. Which means, they are in control of the construction and destruction of the furry fandom. It involves advertising of random 3rd parties. Now, granted, they went in and 'fixed' the ads to make sure pornos don't happen again. But, it's a shame really. It's a remarkable, amazing fandom to behold when in this day and age we have to worry about whether or not our content will be infected by advertising from an outsider: Folks who just want to sell, sell, sell. Fling shit against a wall, and see what sticks. Who cares about this little community?

(Either way, the porno massacre really SHOULD OF NEVER HAPPENED. Why our beloved 'leader' of FA didn't think ahead of time that people would not take to kindly of 3rd party human mom porn ads on their general FA pages, sure, mistakes happen. But really, Dragoneer, really?)

So the question is this: Stay, and fight for a company who only have a concern for the bottom line OR leave, and in the very least, have dual citizenship with two different websites for the time being.

I urge my fellow furs, friends new and old, to pay attention to what the effects will be. The bad press and the negative associations of ignorance will follow you everywhere you go unless you decide to leave and find a new home. New leadership and new ideas with those who do not want to sell their souls. What ARE the rewards you seek if you want to simply accept it all as "OK"? What are the benefits to your business, big or small, when you carve our an idea to outsiders, curious or ignorant, that we are only here for a quick buck or two?

Maybe I'm old school. Maybe I'm being naïve. But I'm not stupid. I plead that others simply think about what has happened with FA. A site that has yelled at fursuiters to not do ANY thing remotely close to adult, yet allowed the porno banners to happen. IMVU will not run our community, WE will. What is going to happen next with FA? I dare not want to consider what COULD happen next.

Thus, this is why I have left. Why stay in Silicon Valley with a rent so high, there IS no future? I made the choice to move for the sake of future. After all, sometimes in life, you make a hard choice. Then, you realize, it was the best choice you have ever made in life.

Welcome to Weasyl. So long FA.


24 June 2015 at 16:36:52 MDT

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