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Hey hi, I just wanted to let ya'll know that My commissions are open. I'm out of school now, graduated a couple weeks ago, and i Kinda need the cash cause I won't be able to get a job till after the 19th of July, and even then I can't guarantee that I will be able to get one so these commissions are very important .
You can go through my Gallery to find styles, and stuff you might want to commission me for, and yes i can design characters for you too but there will be a small extra fee for that.
[Proceed past the prices for extra information]

Here are my prices:
Icons (in any style): $10 ech.
Couple/matching icons: $15 together.

Waist/Bust Sketches: $5
Waist/Bust Flats: $15
Full Color Waist/Busts: $20
-extra characters are $2 ech.

Full Body Sketch: $15
Full Body Flats: $25
Full colored Full Body: $30
-extra characters are $5 ech.

Illustrations and Reference sheets: Range from $60-$80+

All the Sketches are cleaned up and typically use them for the Linework but if you want Linework done it'll just be $2 extra (so lines no colors would be $7 for busts and $17 for fullbody, etc. just add $2 to the price.)
I mentioned before Hand that I will design a charcater for you if you give me the specs, but it'll cost a little extra. depending on the complexity it may range from $3-$5 extra.

Each commission is only ONE character, it costs you $2.00 per extra character for busts, $5.00 each for fullbody, and $10 each for illustratinos. All payments will be made through PayPal. PayPal does except Credit/Debit cards. Payments are to be made up front (anything more then $50.00 will require a $5.00 down and you pay the rest after I’m done) I will walk you through your commission (send you WIPs and stuff)

Do’s and Dont’s:
-YES, I draw humans
-YES, I draw furries too
-YES, i will draw any fantasy species
-NO, I don’t take Deviantart Points
-NO, I will not take NSFW commissions
(ask me about anything else that I do or don’t do)

Contact Info:
FA: doom-butt
DA: DapperDoom
Tumblr: doomscritterbook

Commissions: OPEN!


24 June 2015 at 09:32:54 MDT

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