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2013: Vikings vs. Pirates
2014: A Steampunk Murder Mystery
2015: Scandinavian Folklore: The Enchanted Forest
2016: Atlantis: The Lost Paradise
2017: ... ?

These are all the themes for the NordicFuzzCon conventions so far, including the theme for our upcoming convention in 2016. But now you can have a say in what our theme will be for 2017 and beyond! We want you to send us your best convention theme ideas. What theme would you love to see realized at future iterations of NordicFuzzCon?

You can send in your theme suggestions to:

Please give it some good thought before submitting, especially around these four topics:

Conbook. Would the theme lead to a visually appealing conbook?
Costumes. How easy is it to dress up as something related to the theme?
Decorations. Does the theme have many possibilities when it comes to decorations?
Events. Does the theme allow for any good theme-specific events?

Feel free to include information on any of these topics in your submission, and anything else you deem relevant. Be sure to include a clear description of your theme, and bonus points if you include one or more suggestions for a snappy convention theme name to go along with your submission.

Theme suggestions must be in no later than August 31st.

Remember, suggestions must be sent in by e-mail to the address above.

Suggest our theme for NordicFuzzCon 2017


23 June 2015 at 19:15:02 MDT

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