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Can we just talk about this whole FA issue? by StarsTheMutt

rated this 13+ just because some more colorful language might slip out here..
i'm REALLY upset with what FA has done with their site. i used to be a faithful
user there, and even through rough patches i've toughed it out.. but now that
they're allowing pornographic advertizements to (and for lack of better words)
shit all over their site and the users thusly, i'm not thrilled. as an artist who has (especially as
of recently) tried to carry out my art as a business (even if it's random freelance
work) i do not appreciate the vulgar, lewd and just plain inappropriate advertizing
that FA has been violating us with. as this issue plays out there, i'm more than
positive that i will become increasingly active here and may even open for commissions
on this site instead of FA. as of right now, i'm going to start out small with pre-order
badges for AnthroCon pick up (speaking of, if you're interested, shoot me a note
or comment below :3)..

going back to the FA thing though, as i've said, i'm EXTREMELY uncomfortable with
what has been approved of by the staff.. i've given out plenty of my businesscards
to friends, family, acquaintances, and even my college professors - that link back
to FA (seeing as it was my primary account) and now there's pornographic atrocities
littering the ad-space... it's unprofessional and distasteful.. i'm just..... -sigh-

Can we just talk about this whole FA issue?


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    I hear you, Star. I left FA for the same reasons, if not for personal harassment. Weasyl is a much more professional, more organized, more user-friendly social media site anyhow. :3

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      i agree! but for some reason there are still a TON of people who dont like weasyl for some reason... maybe it's because they're like a domestic abuse case (the abused doesnt trust anyone else because they assume they cant find anything better than the abuser.. the abuser being FA)? idk, whatever the case, i'm growing more and more fond of this place.. now if they only had artist-supported advertizements.. like FA USED to have..

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        Orrr it could just be that they don't feel like moving all their stuff over to the site. I mean that in the least disrespectful way, because it truly is a pain to "pack up" everything and go, because you can't literally take digital content with you without having to reupload everything. :U

        That aside, Weasyl was a choice I'm glad I made for myself, and I hope others come to do the same.

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          yeah, i hope weasyl makes a "bulk upload" option like SoFurry has. that way we can just upload a zipped file and have everything instantly uploaded and easily edited with descriptions :)

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            They have a chrome browser extension called waxpost that makes crossposting a click of a button

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              oooooooooh i might have to try that :3

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    FA has been going down the tubes for years, I'm just glad to be away from it.

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      oh, i totally agree. i'm so sick of their shit. it just makes me sad anymore