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Powder Coating: Powder coating is available for all metal hardware. Powder coating is an polymer that comes in powder form that I coat on the pieces of metal with a special tool. Once the items are covered with powder they are cooked to a hard finish. Due to the coating process there may be times where the powdering may be a little uneven. There may also be small places of silver from where the powder didn't reach due to having to hang the items to coat them. Powder coating is durable though can wear, mainly along the buckle clips due to clipping and unclipping.

Paymens: I will send a Paypal invoice once you have filled out my commission form. If you send payment in any way other than through my invoice I will return the money.

Refunds: All orders can only be refunded up to 50% of the total price.

Completion and Shipping: Give all commissions two to four weeks to be completed. The item will be shipped out as soon as it completed.

How to contact me? Note system, corgisammy[at]gmail.com, twitter @collaredcorgi, facebook collared corgi

Pets? There are four animals in my home, two dogs and two cats. Though I do my best to keep the animals out of my work room, their hair can get everywhere. Please be aware of this if allergies are a problem.

Can you wash your harness, collar, ect? Though I would not recomned putting any of these items in the washing machine, you can wash them with cold water. Place the item flat to dry. Webbing can stretch when wet.

The stitching broke on my item, what do I do? I will do any sewing repairs, and resizing, for free. All you have to do it get the item back to me.

Can you use the harnesses for climbing or other outdoor activities? NO! These items are not made for rock climbing or anything like that.

Terms of Service

Collared Corgi

22 June 2015 at 14:32:48 MDT

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