Too Hot to Work (commissions closed) by WindWolf

Unfortunately it is just too hot for me to work on much of anything, so even though I really do need the money from taking commissions I just can't work on them when it's above 90 degrees in my room. Not only does it make it nearly impossible for me to sit and try to work in the heat, but to makes my computer overheat and it crashes Photoshop. It's just no good.

We bought a little window cooler unit that we need to install, and we have finally contacted our landlord about our AC unit not working so hopefully we can get it to cool down here before the temperature hits triple digits this week.

Until then though I apologize for those of you who are waiting on art or fursuit pieces. It will take a while longer than I had originally thought, but I will finish what I owe in due time.

Too Hot to Work (commissions closed)


22 June 2015 at 14:25:57 MDT

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