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You likely already know this (rant) by GuzzleMuzzle

Every Sunday night/morning, drama, all because of three family members who blindly, alledgedly "follow their God".

I'm not even going to waste most of this space explaining how pathetic and angry it makes me feel to the point where I wish this shit wasn't even an issue in America.

It's bad when something as retarded as what the Dark Souls video game community throws around - that being the general phrase "get good" - is the very core foundation of an entire belief system that has plagued the world for as long as anyone can remember, except instead of being a stern suggestion based around the edification of one's skill it's, in this case, based entirely on generalizing morality.

Seriously, there is nothing on this entire planet that more deeply speaks of ceaseless faggotry than that some GUY - who's very purported being is something you have to be immature and blitheringly stupid as all fuck to believe and propagate - supossedly created everything "just because and just HOW, hurr", who has forever hampered the world, and on top of all the deaths, crime, corruption, and unanswered cries for help, expects endless reaffirmation, as if something or someone who was even this "unfathomable" should even require legions of lackeys and bandwagon jumpers to substantiate their power let alone their existence.


How childish and how much of a troll do you have to be to suppose that "There's a guy out there who is everywhere and can do anything he wants at any time, but doesn't do it because he loves you more than anything, trolololol"? Good thing the collective response to this nonsense has been to outright ignore anyone in support of this BS, and effectively render them "insignificunt".

You likely already know this (rant)


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