Life update - June edition by sirkain

Heyas folks. Been a while hasn't it?

May flew by and I barely remember any of it. Didn't get to go to the import car show as hoped, and missed the Ford one a weekend or two ago. Been a lot of things going on that's making me have to focus elsewhere...

Bringing up things at the house - Monday coming up we are having a lot of the walls in the basement and in my garage removed cause of mold damages/issues. What caused the floods has been resolved, but all the years (who knows how many) they had been going on did their toll and not best environment for folks to be living down there. I don't know when new walls will be back up since that isn't something the mold removal people do/have in the contract. But will give me time to add in network drops properly to rooms. $$$$ though.

Until all that stuff is done, I can't say when I'll have another open meet here besides a surprise/sudden BBQ meet or something where we stay upstairs or outside. The pool table shouldn't be affected, unless me trying to remove the remaining carpet pieces under its feet shifts it any (this is where I'll be begging for your help BC if it happen to see if worth keeping or throwing it away).

June 27th (Not this Saturday but next) I am 100% for sure (unless tornado warnings happen or dad needs me in an emergency) to the GM nationals car show at Carlisle leaving between 9-930am to go that direction. If you wanna go let me know.

I want to do another camping trip to the cove sometime in July if things allow, but I got no idea what is happening what weekends yet from others who host stuff or what dad has planned. I have a handful more guns to try out on the range I got (some 22LR guns and a .410 gauge shotgun).

My birthday is 22nd of July.. but no real plans on what to do around it. Would do something weekend before or after most likely. I may even try to go camping one of those weekend for my birthday treat to myself heh, who knows.

Have had other stuff messing with me too - finances are pretty banged up and having to work on correcting that lately, and one of my best friends I learned Friday has stage 3 cancer in her ovaries. Dunno if there's a special term for that, but "it fucking sucks" is my current definition fro it. Its rocked my other best friend who is her husband. Not sure how that's going to turn out but stage 3 isn't a good thing, at all... That's killed my mood for a lot of things lately.

Hope things have been OK with you all.

Life update - June edition


16 June 2015 at 21:22:58 MDT

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