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Life Update: Busy Moving! by Fiz

So ritty and I have secured an apartment just a few miles down the road from our current place and we're pretty busy with the process of moving right now. We have a ton of belongings to move as well as a lot of furniture to build (praise our lord IKEA). It also doesn't help that we brought home several bags of junk from our trip to sea side arcades last week (I got a Hell's Kitchen apron set and a dancing cat). So yeah we are quite pre-occupied with that matter right now.

Since that is eating up a bunch of my time it's also encroaching on my art production too, which is kinda shit because right now is a good time for me to try to get back some of the money I just dumped via commissions, but at the same time I don't want to get into the habit of making people wait a long ass time for their art from me again. I used to be pretty bad for doing that and I'd rather not fall back into it after improving my time so much lately.

Another issue is the decent ISP we want to get for our apartment's estimated time to set up internet connection in the apartment is in July, a month from now. So that kinda fucks up doing art streams or having decent communication for commissions, since if I decided to move over from my current place asap then I'd have to rely solely on my phone for internet things. Granted, our mobile company has a "all you can eat data plan" for £5 a month which is fine, BUT we don't have any phone tethering by default, and the one tethering plan is restricted to 1gb a month, which is mostly useless. We're trying to get the ISP to just give us the kit needed to install everything since Ritty can do that himself but eh. There's another ISP that will install immediately but they are faaaar slower at the same price, but if worst comes to worst I guess we have that option?

So I dunno, if I'm without proper internet access for a while I might just do some "pay what you want" sketches to fill up the time, since those are meant to be done really quick and without sending any previews. Makes it easier to just get the descriptions and refs, draw it on the pc, move the image over to the phone's sd card and then post it. Trying to do full commissions only over a phone for communication would be pretty crap, sending over several previews and trying to do requested changes would take way longer. So I dunno, might just go with the PWYW thing and hope it works out. Might not since a lot of my commissions come over stream but trying something won't hurt at the same time.

Wow I typed way more than is necessary. TL;DR I'm moving, it's eating up my time, less art production, possible lack of internet connection, might do quick PWYW stuff!

Unrelated but there's been a few people asking me to play Splatoon. I do not own Splatoon, the Wii U in this house is not mine and we are not taking it in our move. I really do want to play so I'll consider getting a Wii U at a later date, depending if people are still playing the game in a few months I guess!

Life Update: Busy Moving!


15 June 2015 at 07:37:48 MDT

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