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Sorry everyone, I'm a new admin here and I kinda forgot about Weasyl and only did FA. I'm going through the list now and will be sending out assignments soon! I'm going to give you all until the end of July to finish since I'm starting this so late.

I apologize, it won't happen again!



11 June 2015 at 13:51:23 MDT

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    If you need a hand with the weasyl side of things, I'm happy to help! I'm on here every day lol

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      Thank you for the offer! In truth the Weasyl one is super easy to handle, but I may be looking for a mod for the FA one!

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        I'm on there too haha!
        If you really do need an extra pair of hands, I'd love to help out! Since I'm a daily user of both sites it isn't a bother

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    I dont know where the turn in section for weasyl is so, I also dont know how to tag users whoops

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      You add it to the collections to turn in. On the image on the right you'll see "add to collections" tyept he group name in it.