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k-wu #5: Still alive but not doing science. by Kizzneth

The short: not posting much till done with cards. cards are getting close to done for realsies. I don't do well when no one gives me a deadline. commissions not opening for a while cept for 2 at AC. going to work now.

The long: So yeah I've been pretty quiet on the posting side and the reason behind that is kinda sad in a pathetic way ^^; basically I don't feel right posting stuff until I have this card project done. I am working on stuff here and there and I have A LOT that I need to post and update on this site. but till I get this card thingie done I'm gonna be on the lite side of posting all in all.

Now for the update on that.


it's been a long time and thank you for your patience on this. I have the final batch going and am already a few cards into that. with any luck I should be done before long with all of it. Gonna be working today on it and my goal is to try and get it within finishing distance before this week ends. I'm gonna miss my self set AC deadline but yeah... I've never been given a deadline to have the project done by anyone but myself. and lately I haven't been listening to myself >.< so I've been waffling on it a lot. as good as waffles are it's bad in this case. but anywho I'm getting myself back on track finally and will be working on cards today and tomorrow.

After this I am not taking commissions (save for the couple I will open at AC) for at least a month. gonna work on some personal stuff and practice some techniques I've been tinkering with including using colours other than grey for shading with and seeing the depths of this new style I do along with something else I've been playing with.

As for now though I should stop typing and get to working ^^; laters.

k-wu #5: Still alive but not doing science.


8 June 2015 at 08:56:26 MDT

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