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Badge Commissions by pure-escapism

::Commission status::

At this time, I am opening up for fursuit badge commissions. I offer 4 main types of fursuit badges at this time. Each type can be done either digitally or traditionally.

Headshot Badges

Headshot badges are simple headshots with your character's name.
Digital Ex:
Traditional Ex:

Tail Wagging Badges
Tail wagging badges feature your character holding a sign. This badge is in two pieces: the main body, and the tail. This allows the tail to wag back and forth.
Digital ex:
Traditional ex:

Whiteboard badges
Whiteboard badges are re-usable message badges. The badge features your character holding a blank space which allows the owner to write a message (or doodle!) in the space with a dry erase marker.
Digital ex:
Traditional ex:

Whiteboard badges
Scruff badges are characters dangling by the scruff of the neck.
Digital ex:
Traditional ex:

I am also flexible and can offer custom badges. Want something that's not on this list? Just contact me!
Specialty badges will also be offered for select conventions. These specialty badges will be delivered in person at the convention. Unfortunately, they will not be shipped out. Announcements for the badges will be made via journals.

Current specialty badges:

Pricing and Payment:
Traditional badges are $10 each + shipping
Digital badges are $15 each + shipping

Each badge is laminated and comes with a clip. Tracking numbers will be provided with each order. Shipping prices are based on your location.

I accept only payments through Paypal. I will not begin work on a commission until full payment is received.

Terms of Services

-I retain the right to refuse any commission. Typically, this is based on the design of the requested character. No payment is to be sent until the commission is approved. Any payments sent beforehand will be refunded.

-Once a badge is completed, refunds are not an option. If a commission needs to be canceled by you, your refund will be pro-rated depending on the progress of the badge. (Ex: if your commissions is not yet started, you will receive a full refund. If a commission is sketched, you will receive a refund minus $2. Etc.) Refunds will be discussed via notes or e-mail. If I am the one to cancel the commission, a full refund will be issued.

-A reference is required. Descriptions will not be accepted.

-If requested, I will provide previews. Changes to your badge must be requested during these previews. Any requests for changes may result in additional fees.

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