Eurofurence Clustercuss by Vappyflame

Considering that I've capture alot of the crossfire, I've decided to explain what exactly what is going on in terms of the Eurofurence controversy. Now what I'm about to do is first post the original tweet and then the original quote. There is a screenshot of each tweet/conversation of what is linked, so no loss if the tweets are deleted. Some are hidden as of now. Oh, and some translations are placed as well since some tween were written in German, but it was Bing that translated so grammar errors ahoy. With that said, here we go.

So basically what started some trouble were the recent changes of the Rules of Conduct, this tidbit specifically:

*The following items are explicitly NOT allowed in public:

Full-body rubber or vinyl costumes.
Costumes that are visibly "anatomically correct".
Costumes or accessories related to age-play, pet-play or BDSM.
Costumes indecently revealing the wearers own private anatomy.
We may take the liberty to allow additional exceptions if your outfit is exceptionally discrete, tasteful and/or good looking - no promise, though.*

Never was told what "good looking" meant for... whoever wrote this, but either way alot of babyfurs were mad about this. Nothing baby-ish is allowed in public, not even pacifiers... which was something covered by the EF Twitter account for some reason, where the true controversy started. Now it did started as a professional explanation about how this was for the sake of curving behavior issues which seemed understandable. But then: /
"Bullshit. Our rules of conduct are all about behavior in public. Never about what you are, you like, or you think. Besides, stop playing dumb. Your main concern is not a small pacifier and a badge pic, we all know that. If your overlap of interests with EF is so small, that not being able to wear a pacifier ruins the day, maybe it's not for you."

Whoever posted on the @eurofurence account was did not take long to pick up on every babyfur's "true" concerns in a rather snippy matter. Now I can understand the rules, I can understand why this recent bit placed, but you don't have to be so upfront like this. One of the con staff members however have said that tweet was "An appropriate reply to the person it was directed at, who has a previous history of vocally complaining about this issue." Who was that, well... this guy. Doco. Oh my days... where do I begin...

While many babyfurs dislike the idea of not being err themselves, it was informed that it is JUST the public display and all the cubby stuff is within one's own room. The kids are still welcome... right? Wrong.
unterdessen so die Windelbrigade auf Twitter:
(in the meantime, so the diaper Brigade on Twitter:)

[I forgot the screenshot I apologize, from what I can remember the tweet also had that infamous "Bawwwww" bunny.]

Anywho, despite that the rules were for a matter of behavior, Doco has pretty much relished the idea of keeping babyfurs down, up to the point where they are not welcome altogether. But they are not the only ones: /

Vermyfox and a few others apparently read Doco being xenophobic and according to the new tweets in that conversation, this was not the first time. The staff of EF was accused of hating the commercialism that (mostly Americans) display in the con, that they are only here for money and nothing else. Speaking of which:
The fun bit about all that Eurofurence related whining today is that, again, it's people from overseas who have no intention to attend. =D
Just like the last time. What makes some random dude from California or Canada or Chicago think a convention 4,000 miles away cares?
It's like me grinding gears w/regard to Anthrocon. Woo hoo, big fucking deal, never been there. Why should they even bother?

I get the feeling that this guy is not in charge of per-registration, but really what was that about? /
99.9% Americans who will never attend. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Oh, well THAT was specific. That was a response to @LilDrkFx who had said to not worry because "his" con will be babyfur-free, right after a failed argument with Doco.
Don't want to repeat my personal experience of riding a lift with a stoned fucktard that's shit himself I had on EF18,thanks.

Who? Oh, right. So from what I can guess is that the incident is what cause the rules to change. For what I'm told, NOBODY condones this idea of messing in public!! As another fur puts it: this is not 2004 anymore, things have changed. In fact there's this pdf. file that has been around the web for quite some times, to curb any unruly behavior:

Babyfur Public Behaviour Guidelines. Does anyone have any idea how old the guideline is!? Because I really don't. The last update of the site itself was on 2010. I mean sure there are a couple that will do some ridiculous things, but nearly all the time it was met with total condemnation. Remember Diesel Raccoon? Remember when he thought it was a fun idea to post a journal requesting other babyfurs to pee on his diaper? Did you remember most of the comments saying that it was a heavy AIDS risk, before he deleted the journal and said it was a joke?

Anyway, after many concerns tweeted out, the @eurofurence account had this to say:
There has been an issue of bad communication going on today. We'd like to appologize for this. Please stay calm as we are going to......prepare a proper statement on what really is going on. Please don't blow things out of proportion. EF welcomes all of you. -bb

Note: This has not been followed since then.

Now during this whole mess, the babyfurs that did not like the situation decided to make a stupid parody of an already useless regime called #Gamergate by calling it #Cubgate and it's all thanks to... wait who thought of this stereotypical Tumblr crap? One of the ones using it as a ridiculous joke was Evil Sibe. Yes, that Sibe. The "kicked out of a large number of conventions" Sibe. Good god. And it was because of this that many has justified the banning of babyfurs, EXCEPT they were not banned but just age-play accessories in public. Many arguments consist of pointing out hypocrisy, saying that public sex with inflatable toys were okay but pacifiers were not. Other that praised the Rules of Conduct were mostly those that either did not want any horrible public behavior, or just those that dislike babyfurs.

Meanwhile the second day.... hoo boy.

So this babyfur that goes by Glennkit has gotten word of this situation and was disappointed as he was excited to go to EF, and has already registered. So he called Doco out directly towards the recent attitude that EF has shownm and even use my own tweet to back it up:

Now, 7 furries so far had asked for a refund at the Eurofurence site itself and confirmed it. But instead of doing that, Glenn instead decided to tackle Doco directly for the harsh comments, and then it led to a complete bombshell:

Personally, only by karma that Glenn had any retort coming, but ummm....
"Go wrap a diaper around your head and suffocate yourself with it, you little self-absorbed dipshit. Do the world a favour."

.....yeah. Not alot of furries were too happy about this.

Most of the responses were retweets of what they thought stuck out the most:

After that, the only response to the behavior was not on the Eurofurence Twitter account, but on their forum:

And that's as much as I picked up. So to clarify: age-play & any BDSM stuff in public is banned from EF, Doco has became undeniably hostile and made it clean that no babyfurs (or anyone overseas maybe) are wanted despite what the EF rules state, a costumer is told to end himself, refunds to be made, Cheetah Spotty disregards the fiasco as "it's only one guy's opinion" and tacos.

So who's going to Confuzzled?

Eurofurence Clustercuss


6 June 2015 at 17:19:00 MDT

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    Would I be able to weasel where you found the PDF file/date for it?

    Honestly they are stating ALL fetish gear is banned from the floor. I don't see people that are into bondage getting their pants in a twist. If they had to make a clear statement about it, then it was to point out a problem. They were singled out because they had to be.

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      I literally Googled "babyfur" and the PDF link was on the first line of links, haven't found out how old is it but I find it informative.

      I personally feel that just singling out a whole group is rude as it is just the kinks that should be the concern, not what anyone think is the kinkster. The rules stated were fine, the opinions of everyone however contrasts what was written. The only reason that people were not pleased over how strict it sounded and many have known staffers (in general) going power-hungry before.