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RULES: Read before commissioning!
►Please provide a clear reference for OCs.
► When providing your character reference, also include any and all details you would like, to include expression, pose, outside elements that would effect the hair/fur such as water or wind, etc. If these details are not provided, I will take artistic freedom to do as I like. So don't complain if it's something unexpected. |D
► Additional characters are $1-$2 extra depending on complexity.
► When you order, I will keep the commish on a list. I'll show you a sketch half way though, at which point you will pay half the total. I will accept the rest of the payment when the artwork is complete.

What I draw the best:

Want to commission me for something else not listed here? Look through my gallery and note your request. (: Just because I haven't listed it doesn't mean I won't draw it or make something similar.

What I will NOT draw:
►Anything overly sexual in nature.
►Characters without clear ref sheets. I will not create characters from a description.
►Anything else I'm not comfortable with.

Art trades and Collaborations:
Contact me on DeviantArt!

PayPal Payment:

Contact me personally for the email address to use. I will only accept payments through PayPal.

Digital Commissions

❥❥❥50x50 Character Icon--------------1.00 USD

[examples coming soon]

►Please let me know if you want your icon in pixels or drawn with brushes

►All icons: let me know what background color you would like. (Only EBC icons will have the horizontal stripes in my examples.)

►Full body icons will not be animated unless it's a simple bounce animation

❥❥❥200x200 Character Journal Doll -------------- 3.00 USD

[examples coming soon]

❥❥❥200x200 Animated Journal Doll -------------- 5.00 USD

[examples coming soon]

►Let me know what exactly I'm doing with the animation. You may be charged extra for a difficult animation.

❥❥❥Character, headshot -------------- 2.50 USD

[examples coming soon]

►Remember to specify if you want it done in Photoshop (which will look more clear and crisp) or 3DS Colors (which might look slightly pixelated, but the lines will be straight and even). If no specification is given, it will probably be done in Colors. Also let me know if you want it to be a perfect profile as in the example, or at an angle, etc.

❥❥❥Character, transparent background -------------- 4.00 USD

►Characters will be drawn in a "neutral" pose unless otherwise requested.

❥❥❥Character, background -------------- 9.00 USD

[examples coming soon]

❥❥❥Character, 3DS -------------- 4.00 USD

►Please specify which canvas you would like; landscape, widescreen, or portrait. Speedpaint available for view upon completion.

❥❥❥Character design -------------- 3.00 USD

[examples coming soon]

►As usual, be sure to mention any specifications of the design you want, ie: colors, markings, theme, etc. The design will be full body.

Traditional Commissions

►For traditional commissions, please note me with the address you would like the finished product shipped to. US shipping ONLY. All commissions in this category are to be payed via PayPal ONLY to cover the cost of materials and shipping.
All traditional works will be treated with a spray finish to help protect the piece from smudging and color loss unless otherwise stated.

❥❥❥Full page, background -------------- 10.00 USD

[examples coming soon]

❥❥❥Character Magnet -------------- $5.00 USD

[examples coming soon]

Glitter and gloss can be added to select parts of the item upon request.

❥❥❥Character Keychain -------------- $10.00 USD

[examples coming soon]

►Made of plastic, they can be colored with pencil. Specify where you want the keychain holes to be, if more than one. Rather than a keychain attachment, it can also be made into a cellphone charm. Let me know which you would like.


Commission Prices


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